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Act of Domination - (Part 1) Rules and Regs - SGA

Title: Act of Domination
Part Title: Rules and Regs
Character/Pairing: Beckett/Sheppard. Mention of: Jack/Daniel, Sheppard/OMC, and Carson/Jonas Quinn.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,944
Summary: In a different verison of realitly there may live the same people, but maybe the rules and the way life is governed is far different?
Authors Notes: Reposting because I'm about to post part two.

Carson had his doubts from the very moment he heard that General Jack O'Neill was flying out to the Antarctic base and was bringing one guest with him. From that point on, the day had gone completely down hill for Carson. First, there was a rumor of a mild flu going around and Mistress Elizabeth had ordered him to give everyone, down to the last annoying-little-blue-eyed-scientist, a complete check up to make sure it had been just a rumor. Then, Carson's second-in-command slipped on ice and twisted her ankle badly, which put her out of commission for at least two weeks, and it didn't stop there. No, it ended with said annoying-little-blue-eyed-scientist, who was a slave nonetheless, ordering him to waste his valuable time by sitting in the Ancient's control chair to test out the very Ancient Artifact Activation gene he had discovered.

Then the day got considerably worst. Not that him being in distress because said scientist who went by the name of Rodney caused him to accidentally trigger the offensive drone left over from the battle over the arctic, but because said drone almost destroyed the helicopter that the General was flying in on that very day, that is if he hadn't focused his mind on it deactivating. Not that he would've minded if the drone had blown it up, given who the guest was that General O'Neill had brought with him.

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell had locked his eyes on him the moment the elevator had set down on the level of the outpost and from that moment on, he avoided him. He just didn't like the fact that avoiding Cameron Mitchell had led him in the control chair room where he first meet Major John Sheppard. The annoyingly handsome pilot who was good enough to out maneuver a drone built by the Ancients themselves.

"Hi, I'm Major Sheppard. John Sheppard." He had said, pulling off his thick winter gloves and offering his hand. Carson had given him the once over, taking in his appearance and knowing right then that Major John Sheppard knew nothing about what was going on around him. Carson had smiled politely and shook the Major's hand and introduced himself, even chatted on about how much he knew about the ancients, and asking the Major how cold was he really wearing the leather uniform that the United State's made their troops where these days. At the time, Carson thought the day had actually gotten worst. But, back then, he couldn't blame himself for thinking that, instead of thinking that for once, the day had done a complete turn around and became positive.

And it was all because Major John Sheppard sat down in the control chair. Everyone knew by sunset that Major John Sheppard had the AAA gene and not only that, but all he had to do was slide his lithe ass down in the chair to turn it on, without even a moments pause to think about his reactions.

Plans changed quickly. Carson and the other scientist where all flown back to the United States. The heads of each department, including the N.I.D. themselves were then piled into the S.G.C. briefing room with General O'Neill at its head with his slave Daniel Jackson to his left and Mistress Elizabeth Weir to his right. To keep the peace and order about the table, each department head was allowed to speak first and if they raised their voices at all, their turn would be ended and then passed to the next person down the line. Carson just wished that Cameron Mitchell wasn't the military head that would be in charge of the Atlantis mission because that just made his teeth itch.

"Before anyone is picked for this mission, and I do agree with all the heads when they said these two thousand men and women need to be hand picked by us, that Major John Sheppard should not be among the ones in this decision making." Carson noticed that not only did Mistress Elizabeth Weir's eye twitched, but so did Rodney's. The General signalled Cameron to continue after a moments pause. "Sheppard has been classifying himself as a slave for a long time now, yet after some personal trauma in his life, Sheppard has displayed a complete lack of respect for those above him in rank and class. Though, I will recognize as a slave, he has became a Major faster then anyone I've ever seen before." Cameron took a moments breath, and Carson could swear he thought Mistress Elizabeth was about to throw something at him. "So, right here and now I believe that the one person that should not be allowed on this mission is him." Cameron finally sat down and Carson watched him take a deep breath.

"Carson?" He blinked, looking up and around until his eyes finally fell on Jack O'Neill. He had a looked of confusion, he knew it, because Jack only smiled and gestured for him to stand. "Your turn. The subject on everyone's mind seems to be John Sheppard, so why don't you enlighten us on your thoughts please?"

Carson nodded and stood, looking from Rodney to Mistress Elizabeth before finally sighing. "We need Major Sheppard, not just because, if I'm correct on this, his military record does say he's a fantastic officer but because of his AAA gene abilities alone." He looked at Daniel Jackson who smiled at him slightly then looked to his Master, Jack, which so did Carson, addressing him. "I'm the head of the medical treatment and researchers as well as Mistress Elizabeth's Chief of Surgery, General. I don't see how my say in this matter well change anything, but I disagree with Cameron... I mean, the Colonel." Carson took his sit, took a deep breath and poured himself some water, drinking from the glass deeply before he started to play with his pen.

Next was Rodney, and by heaven, Carson felt sick to his stomach as he prayed to every saint he knew to hold Rodney's tongue back. "Frankly, General. The Colonel is a moron," and then Carson knew there was no such thing as saints as he accidentally dropped his pen, letting it clatter to the floor. Carson noticed out of the corner of his eyes that everyone besides Cameron and General O'Neill himself looked amused by the statement. "For one, Colonel Mitchell is sexually frustrated because he himself, can't get a slave." Carson's eyes widened as he looked up at Rodney, thinking why on earth was his friend digging his own grave. "Secondly, I'm second-in-command, as we all know by now and frankly, get over yourselves. We have here a man, a slave like myself, who's AAA gene is so powerful that just a mere touch brings the Ancients artifacts to life. Yet, here we are debating whether or not his service record allows him on the mission?" Rodney snorted, "please. I'm a slave, and I've disobeyed everyone of you with honors. The truth of the matter is this, John Sheppard's now important to the success of this mission. The strongest AAA gene we've had before him was Carson," Rodney gestured to him and Carson suddenly felt like he wanted to throttle his friend, "and he has to focus for hours before we see results. The truth of the matter is this: Cameron moron. Sheppard needed."

After that rant, General O'Neill ordered Rodney to be punished in front of the entire base. Four hours later, he signed the papers that allowed Major John Sheppard to join the Atlantis mission and become the first of the two thousand strong mission crew. That's when the base for the first time became a transit station, or that's how it had felt like to Carson. It was two weeks later, and everywhere Carson turned he saw different flags on the different uniforms. New uniforms for a new mission, Daniel had told him. The command team, which was lead primarily by Mistress Elizabeth herself wore black leather pants, and long sleeve silk shirts with red leather diamonds sown into the front of them, with the country of their origin sown onto the right sleeve and the sign for the S.G.C. sown on the left. The military wore black leather pants, with matching boots and silk shirts with the flag of their country of origin on the right sleeve and the S.G.C. logo on their left sleeve with a leather vest over the shirts themselves. Black leather diamonds were sown into the vests. The scientists wore leather pants, with a short sleeved shirts that were just as black, with the same symbols on their sleeves as the others, and dark blue leather diamonds sown into their pants legs.

It was the medical team, Carson believed, that were the odd men and women out. The medical treatment and research team were made to wear boots, leather pants, and what Carson could only describe as a leather muscle shirt, no sleeves, and with a zipper down the front. A dark yellow leather diamond was sown into the back, the country of origin flag was on the right shoulder and the S.G.C. logo on the left. The outfit was snug and Carson decided that it would be a while to get used to it.

The halls of the S.G.C. were filled, people chattering and Carson felt lost, different languages assaulting him from every direction, new faces, old faces, and then Cameron's. More like, Cameron had nearly ran over him and that was his cue to turn around to leave, but a strong hand kept him at bay and slowly turned him around. Soft, and worried blue eyes looked into his own and Carson felt like he wanted to punch the hell out of Cameron right then and there, sod the mission. "Beckett, look. I've said I'm sorry over a million times. I knew it was your right, but he was there and we couldn't wait."

"Sod off, Mitchell." Carson had said with venom. He tucked his long hair behind his ears and backed away from Cameron with a glare. "You want to start making things up to me? Don't you treat Rodney badly and don't give Sheppard a hard time. This is all scary and new for him." Before Cameron had a chance to say anything else, Carson had left and joined Mistress Elizabeth in the gate room. It took another three hours to round everyone up that they could fit into the gate room, and announce they were leaving in one hour. The Zero Point Module was connected and before Carson had blinked, they started to pile through the Stargate.

It wasn't until those with the AAA gene touched the very floor of Atlantis did yet another day in Carson's life story become a very bad, bad day indeed. They were barely an hour into the city, when things started to go wrong. Rodney snapped at everyone in the entire group who had the AAA gene to not even breath anymore, let alone move, and then that's when they all felt it, let alone heard the people screaming for help on the radio's. Rodney informed them then that the city was submerged under water and that without another ZPM to power the city, they were all going to drown and die horrible deaths. Which, frankly Carson didn't agree with. Yet, it wasn't up to him. He only stayed around long enough to know that Rodney had found a gate address in the system that might be of some use and then Colonel Mitchell assembled a team made up of twenty marines and then they left. Mistress Elizabeth had started shouting orders and was becoming pissed off with a scientist named Parrish and a military man named Aiden Ford when they kept talking about some amazing find. It took Rodney, a slave, to scream for everyone to shut up and listen.

That's when they learned about the hanger, and what Parrish was calling puddle jumpers. At least fifty of them, in a hanger that was built to at least hold sixty more. Mistress Elizabeth had wasted no time and quickly shouted out orders to several different people, which Carson hadn't heard but then she turned her gaze on him. She told him they had forty-eight hours, that that was the maximum time limit Rodney had given them all to survive before the shields fail and the ocean would come in and destroy the city it self. Emergency protocol dictated that all the injured should be seen too and that in a worst case situation that they would dial a friendly world and evacuate the personnel through the gate. Until that time had come, Carson was to setup a temporary infirmary within the hanger and treat as many people as he could. It took them at least five hours to get the infirmary in working order, and another five to find all of the injured people and bring them to that point of the city. It pained Carson, that those who were trapped in the flooded parts of the city were lost, but Elizabeth saw this and had ordered him to do his job because there was no way they could help them.

Cameron Mitchell had cut it close, another hour and the shields would have failed and they would've been killed. After Rodney had installed the ZPM into the city, they found themselves rising as the city came off the ocean floor and surfaced. It took seven more hours for a head count and to get everyone safe before teams were dispatched out into the city for the dead and for a search to map out the full floor of Atlantis itself. The heads and their second-in-commands were called into what Mistress Elizabeth had deemed her office and that's when they had met Teyla, after everything was explained and the marines who didn't make it were added to the list of the dead, the go ahead was given to allow Teyla's people to share the city with them, being that Teyla was sure that her planet would be the first one culled by the newly awoken enemy called the Wraith.

After that, things went a little smoother for everyone. A more permanent infirmary was established as well as living quarters for everyone in the city. Rodney had single-handily discovered functions for the city that without a ZPM would've taken weeks to find out, and had asked that all the naquadah generator's that they had brought with them be interfaced with the city so that the one ZPM they had wouldn't be drained so quickly. Life was hard for the first few weeks on Atlantis. Rodney saving the city by being a hero and trapping a black mass in a containment unit, then throwing it through the Stargate. Rodney, Teyla, Aiden, Cameron, and John getting stuck in the gate with a bug attached to John's neck. It started to wind down after that, and Carson was grateful for that. After another meeting Carson had sadly found out that Cameron and Elizabeth had both agreed on teams, just like the S.G.C., and that Carson himself would be leading the team SG-A-002. With Major Sheppard, Zelenka, and a Dr. Miko Kusanagi as the full members of his team. He didn't know how he felt about that, but that didn't stop him from going about his day.

He was thankful when dinner rolled around and his shift had ended two hours prior. After getting his food he sat down next to Teyla and watched as one of the female scientists played with a leather collar around a man's neck. "It's beautiful, isn't it? We've been here for such a short time but already we get to see a claiming."

"We have the same thing in my peoples culture." Carson took a sip of his drink, looking up with interest at Teyla. "I have heard over the city from many different people that there are two different classes within your culture. Masters and slaves." Carson nodded as he took a bite out of his apple, chewing softly. "We call them differently. I am what we call an Owner. The more submissive of my people we call pets."

"Sounds a bit like our culture," Carson added as he swallowed his apple and nodded to the two across the way. "A famous writer back on Earth... mind you she's famous for writing fictional stories about vampires that make out all the time, wrote a piece of historical fiction. A three parter. Way back in the day, being a slave was limited. Barbaric to a degree. Now, well, slaves are treated a bit better, in fact a slave can claim a Master or Mistress now."

Teyla nodded slowly, taking in what Carson was saying. "This is how it is with my people as well." She paused for a moment and tilted her head as in thought, "I have been asking others. From what I have learned a slave who is unclaimed still needs to show respect to the higher class, a Master and Mistress. You do not believe in caging someone but punish them accordingly in something called a Punishment Square."

Carson nodded slowly as he sipped at his water. "Aye, all true. What those two have done over there is called Bonding. See, at first I thought it was simple claiming but then I got a better look at the collar." He smiled at Teyla's confused look. "See, that's a bond collar. It marks ownership, yes, but the wearer can't take it off. It's a special collar that's made of metal but encased in leather. Only metal cutters can get that thing off." He smirked and looked back over towards the two, "it's a real honor to be bound to someone. Not many people do it. It's like saying to each other that you each own a piece of the other."

"Similar to someone getting married?" Teyla smiled when Carson nodded. She looked back at the two then up as Miko, Radek and John joined them. She bowed her head in respect and smiled again, "it is nice to see all of you. Are you ready for the missions that lie ahead for you all?"

"I'm just itching to get back in the field after that bug thing." John said, looking up and at Carson. "Don't get me wrong, I think that's the reason why Colonel Mitchell started to make us go in teams." He shrugged, poking at his food with a fork. "It could prove interesting, following orders from a civilian rather then a military officer."

"Major Sheppard," Miko cut Carson off before he could apologize. "I do believe the only reason why Dr. Beckett was placed in charge of SG-A-002 was because he is a registered Master, and has been apart of the Stargate project much longer then myself or Dr. Zelenka. In truth, I find it only fair."

Carson nodded slowly and watched as John played with his food. "I don't like taking a command away from you, Major." He took in a discreet breath when John looked up at him, the other man's hazel eyes looking over his face for any signs of falsehood. "Trust me. I rather you have the command then myself. In fact, if no word leaves this table, I might just do that while we're on the field. Or make you my second. Cameron... I mean, Colonel Mitchell sometimes can't recognize great leadership even if it's kicking him in the shin."

His heartbeat sped up slightly at the smile that spread over John's lips at his words. "I know, but I really don't mind. You can take the lead, Dr. Beckett but only if you do me one favor and only one."

"Anything." Carson said, smiling himself as he placed his fork down and rested his elbows on the table. "And please, this goes for everyone. Call me Carson. Never Master Carson or Dr. Beckett, unless I'm on duty -- which I'm not right now."

"Well that's good," John stated with a mischievous grin. "Because, I was just going to ask you the same thing." John's head tilted to the side and he winked, "call me John. On and off duty."

* * *

John lightly kicked a stone out of the way and smiled when Radek jumped, aiming his personal zat'ni'katel everywhere and anywhere he could. "Radek, man, you need to claim down. It's just a routine mission. Carson and Miko are just over the next five very green rolling hills with Teyla. Just opening trade with these people... Genii I think she called them." John looked around the area and sat down on a large boulder that sat in the clearing.

"Yes. I know this, Major." Radek said, clearing his throat and deactivating the zat, placing it in the holster at his hip. "But that does not make me braver, yes?" He licked his lips nervously and looked around the clearing they had just walked into, only a short walk away from the gate. "You do not know when Wraith might attack."

"That's okay. If any Wraith happen to come by, we'll make sure Miko is here. Anyone running into that woman will be scared off, even the Wraith themselves." John grinned as that brought out a small smile and a low chuckle from Radek. He rested against the boulder and lowered his weapon as he looked up at the sky. "Radek? What can you tell me about Carson?" He winced and looked back to see Radek's perplexed look. "I'm just wondering. Getting to know my team leader more."

"Ah." Radek walked over and John moved over some to allow Radek to sit on the boulder with him. For a moment, Radek frowned and shook his head. "I do not know much. Small bits and what I have read in his personal files."

"So you were able to read them?" John frowned and brought his legs up to rest his feet against the rock, his arms resting on his knees as he looked out over the clearing. "Guess, I didn't have high enough clearance to read those fun bits. That, or they were only for Master and Mistress's eyes." He looked back at Radek and saw the other man leaning against the rock, playing with a blade of grass. "Tell you what, slave to slave. What was in there? It'll help me out a lot."

Radek blinked at him owlishly as he straightened his glasses. "I am not slave." That took John by surprise, giving the submissive nature Radek always had with others, but then again when he was with Rodney, that was an amusing sight. "But, for friend I will tell. Just do not let Dr. Beckett find out I told you, yes?" John was about to agree when Radek started again, "or do not let Colonel Mitchell know."

"So they have a history?" Radek nodded and John shifted uncomfortably on the rock. "Huh, maybe that's why both of them are at each others throats." After a moment's thought John finally nodded and looked back over his shoulder at Radek. "Deal. I promise neither Carson or Mitchell will find out." John held up his hand and placed his other over his heart. "Scouts honor, and yes, before you even ask, I was a boy scout." He grinned, "let's just not go into that period of my life, shall we?"

"Was not going to ask." The scientist smiled before taking off his glasses and cleaning them with a spare clothe. "Dr. Beckett has been employed by Stargate Command for seven years now. He has been here longest time." Radek nodded as he placed his glasses on his face with a small sigh. "Dr. Beckett had claimed a slave, Jonas Quinn. He was murdered year and nine months ago by the Goa'uld named Ba'al." John blinked and looked down at his boots, wincing. "Colonel Mitchell and SG-1 found Ba'al, Dr. Beckett was with them. Mitchell killed Ba'al, even though it was Dr. Beckett's right. They haven't gotten along since." He heard Radek take a deep and slow breath, "this is what is hidden within doctor's personal record."

"But, what makes him the maddest is that the Ba'al Cameron Mitchell killed was just a clone." John said, hearing Radek agree with him. John shook his head sadly and took in a deep breath, looking back over the horizon and towards the Stargate. Things started to make sense, started to click inside of his head as he connected the pieces of the puzzle that he never knew he was trying to put together. Carson, as a person, had been a mystery to him since the day they met. He was both kind, yet hard around the edges -- someone John recognized not to push too far, unless you wanted to see hell fire burn in their eyes.

They shared a common bond at least, or that's what John was thinking as he slide from the boulder and brushed off his backside. Carson Beckett had lost a slave. A year back. He had lost someone important to him, who cared for him and who he cared for, or at least that's what had to be believed by the common person. They were in the same boat it felt like. Carson having lost a slave, and John having lost his Master in the war back on Earth. The faint echo of the memory caused John to wince. In a lot of ways, Carson reminded him of his old Master, the one that John had risked life and limb to drag across the desert when their helicopter went down, only to end up dying the moment they had reached safety.

John's fingers tightened around the stock of the P-90 and he focused his eyes, narrowing them as he stared off into the distance. He decided then, as he watched the tops of Teyla, Miko, and Carson's heads come into view that he was going to try his best to warm up to Carson, and to have Carson warm up to everyone else, not resting behind what he figured was a shield to guard him. He took in a deep breath and looked back at Radek, who was getting up and brushing himself off as well. A small smirk passed over his lips as he turned back and gazed at Carson. Perhaps, just perhaps, Carson Beckett would be a good choice for a Master.

* * *

"I think we should rethink the whole issue with me being in charge of SG-A-002, Mistress." Carson said as he sat himself down in her office. Seven mission, four near misses had turned him into a wreck. He pulled his hair into a ponytail as he sat down, to keep the hair from his eyes. "I know Colonel Mitchell has some control over the fifteen teams that were created, but I don't feel like I'm the type of man to lead this team." After pausing to see if Elizabeth said anything, Carson dutifully continued. "At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Mistress, I'm a doctor and not a bloody military soldier."

Elizabeth nodded, folding her hands tightly before her on the large desk. "I've taken that into account, Carson. And for all purposes I agree with you." Her brow arched slightly as she looked over his shoulder. Carson felt sick as he saw Major Lorne and Colonel Mitchell enter, closing the door behind them and sitting down. Cameron sitting in the chair next to him, and Evan sitting on the small sofa to the side of the room. "That is why I called Cameron and Evan into this meeting, if you don't mind." Carson swallowed but shook his head. "Good. As I said, I agree with you that you are a doctor and not apart of the military on Atlantis. So, I'd like to ask you who do you believe is the right man or woman for the job of leading SG-A-002?"

"Major Sheppard." Carson quickly went on, seeing that Cameron was about to interrupt. "I know he's a registered slave, Mistress. But, out of anyone of the social classes, Major Sheppard has risen the fastest up the ranking system of the military. He doesn't follow orders well, yes, but he does do what he believes is right. There's no better a person to lead a team then that." He licked his lips as he saw out of the corner of his eyes Cameron tense up slowly. "I also know that because he's now second-in-command of the military on Atlantis that he's been taking heat from other military members because he's a slave and they're registered Masters and Mistresses." He took a breath and continued, "I have already spoken with Radek Zelenka and Miko Kusanagi. It is apparent that our team is more of a research squad, being that there are three doctors of science on the team and only one military personnel. They and I wouldn't mind in the slightest if the lad was leading us."

Elizabeth's brow raised slowly, but a small smile appeared on her lips. "It would appear your mind is made up then, Carson." She sighed and leaned forward, her elbows resting on the desk and her chin on her clasped hands. "You were placed in charged of SG-A-002, Carson, because it is a research team not a military team like Colonel Mitchell's. Notice that SG-A-001 has three highly trained people and only one scientist?"

"Aye," Carson nodded with a slight frown. "Lieutenant Aiden Ford, Colonel Mitchell himself, and Telya. With Rodney." He lent forward, his hands clasped in front of him as he sighed deeply, "but that's just it Mistress Elizabeth. I'm not really in-field leadership materiel."

"Master Carson," Carson winced and looked up to met Elizabeth's narrowed green eyes. He flinched slightly, but noticed that she held no malice towards him. "You were placed in charge of SG-A-002 because you are the only member of the team that is on the senior staff, as a head of your own department. You have also been with Stargate Command the longest." She lent back, smiling at him and the pressure eased off of his shoulders slowly. "Not only that, but you are also a registered Master, and from what I've heard of you, you're a stern and fair one. Kind hearted, yet you spare no ease when you take a slave to the Punishment Square." His brow raised slightly and he spared a glance at Cameron, who was listening intently. "It was my choice to place you as team leader of the group. Not Colonel Mitchell's. But, you've done well." She lent forward again, taking a pen in her hand and looking from Carson to the other two. "Before I make my final choice, whether or not to keep Master Carson as the team leader for SG-A-002 or make Major Sheppard the team leader, would either you or Major Lorne like to say anything?"

"I've served with Major Sheppard after the war, ma'am." Carson turned his head as Evan stood up and walked into his line of vision. He placed a hand on Carson's shoulder and smiled down at him. "I've also had the pleasure of working with Master Beckett back at the S.G.C., and I'd just like to say that I believe Major Sheppard would be the better choice for a leader in this situation. Back home, during the war, it was his own Master that he pulled across the desert, against orders. John Sheppard's a good man and loyal."

Elizabeth nodded and crossed her arms over her chest, looking to Cameron. "It's my choice, Mistress, that Carson remains the leader of SG-A-002." Carson sighed, narrowing his eyes at Cameron as he spoke. "Not because he's a great man, but because of all the reasons you yourself had just listed."

"Thank you, all of you." Elizabeth said as she lent forward again and started to write and sign away on the pieces of paper that were gathered in a file folder in front of her. "It is my choice and decision as the leader of this expedition that Master Carson Beckett M.D. stay the team leader of SG-A-002 not because of any words spoken here today but because," she looked up, smiling at Carson, "that Major John Sheppard has come to me ahead of time and asked that if any request to make him the team's leader be denied because it is his own personal belief that Master Carson is a damn fine leader."

"Major Sheppard said that did he?" Carson asked, raising his brow slowly. He swallowed thickly and lent back against his chair, tracing his lips with his forefinger before letting out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "There's no way I could appeal your decision is there, Mistress?" Elizabeth smiled which caused Carson to slowly shake his head as he stood, bowing his head in respect to Elizabeth. "Sorry to have burdened you with this then, Mistress Elizabeth."

"It wasn't a burden to me, Carson." Elizabeth glanced to both Cameron and Evan before standing as well, her hands resting on her desk firmly. "I value your opinion as well as anyone else's. We're in a strange and wondrously new world and we're cut off from home. We most make the best of everything and communicate with each other." Her smile, sweet and kind caused the tension to ease from Carson's body and he nodded in kind with a smile of his own as Elizabeth turned to Cameron. "Colonel Mitchell, and Major Lorne. I want a Punishment Square set up immediately on the northern pier of the city. I also want every man, Masters and their slaves, who have been causing Major Sheppard grief brought there." Elizabeth came around from her desk and sat down at the edge, narrowing her eyes dangerously at Cameron. "I will not condone any slander against anyone on this team. Major Sheppard has earned the right to be where he is, and I will not stand for anyone punishing him because they believe just because of social class, he does not deserve to be there." She paused for a moment to cross her arms tightly underneath her breasts. "Is that understood, Colonel?"

Cameron stood up at attention and took in a deep and slow breath. "Yes, Mistress Elizabeth. You're understood." He looked down at Elizabeth and watched her even though he was speaking to Evan. "Major Lorne, make a public note of the following orders. A Punishment Square shall be built and finished before sunset today on the northern pier. Hatchet, Markson, Wilson, Stevens, Keelson, Yelsturm and their slaves if they have any should be there and awaiting punishment from both myself and Mistress Elizabeth at such time." Cameron turned his head, looking directly at Carson which caused him to take one step back. "Also inform both military staff and civilian staff that the Punishment Square awaits any and all who believe their social class is better then anyone else's. And finally, alert all senior staff of the punishment and begin to set up a Judgement Council after tonight's punishment."

"Sir." Evan said, saluting Cameron and taking out a small pad and pencil, writing all that had just be said down. After a moment, Evan looked up and cleared his throat. "Do you have anyone in mind for the population to vote on for the council, sir?"

"Myself and Mistress Elizabeth for starters of course," Cameron smirked, leering down at Mistress Elizabeth. "After all, it will be good to have Mistress Elizabeth on the Judgement Council. She does have such a clear head in the matters of classes and punishments."

Elizabeth didn't back down, instead only smiled and nodded her agreement. "And I have a recommendation as well, Major Lorne." She turned to Evan, ignoring Cameron for the moment. Her icy gaze becoming kind and scenery. "Please add Carson Beckett to the list of candidates for the members of the council."

Carson blinked and felt the color drain from his face as both he and Cameron at the same time said: "What?"

* * *

By eleven o'clock that morning everyone was talking about the face down between both Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Mistress Elizabeth Weir. By eleven fifteen everyone in the infirmary was talking about the Punishment Square being built, and of course, because Carson's life wasn't bad enough, by eleven thirty everyone had heard about the Judgment Council and that Carson himself had been placed as a candidate for a position on said council. Of course, it didn't stop there. By one thirty all the medical staff had come into the infirmary, while Carson was working, to say they were going to vote for him and if he made it onto the council, that they were going to vote for him to be the high councilman. He had also learned in that small span of thirty minutes that not only now were he, Cameron, and Mistress Elizabeth in the running, but so were Peter Grodin, Kate Heightmeyer, Teyla, Miko Kusanagi, a Dr. Kavanagh, Laura Cadman, and even some Sergeant Stockhouse, along with seven others that Carson hadn't even met yet. Yet, he knew every last one of them were Master's and Mistress's, well at least all of them but Teyla. He really didn't have all the full details on her culture or what being an Owner in her culture meant.

At around four thirty the voting for the members of the Judgement Council began, with a small announcement by Mistress Elizabeth that there will be only five seats opened for now on the council and that perhaps later the full ten chairs will be opened. Around five o'clock Carson went and voted, like he was supposed to do, deciding to vote for Miko Kusanagi over anyone else. He folded his paper up and placed it into the wooden box before looking down at his watch and rubbing the back of his neck as he headed down towards the north pier for the Punishment Square sentencing.

He frowned after he came out of the Ancient's version of an elevator to only find that John was walking in the same direction, only to stop and turn around to face him, offering up a small and weak smile. "Did Colonel Mitchell ask you to come?"

"No, not really. I'm actually here to talk to you." John straightened out and smiled. "I voted for you. For the whole council thing." The smile turned into a grin and John's head tilted to the side, "I'm also going to vote for you, if you win, for high councilman. Because, I think you'll do some good on the council." He shrugged and placed his hands into his pockets. "I also want to apologize to you."

That caused Carson to blink as he watched John starting to pace the hallway. He swallowed thickly as he bit his bottom lip and crossed his arms over his chest. "What in heaven's name for?"

"I kind of asked Zelenka about your personal history." John stopped pacing, rubbing the back of his neck slowly and wincing. "About Jonas and what's the deal with you in Cameron." Carson felt his blood start to boil slightly, and not because he was mad at John, but because those two names should have never been uttered in the same sentence together, ever. Something most have shown in Carson's face because John was raising his hands up in defense. "Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't say his name and it was wrong of me to even bring it up or ask. I just wanted you to know, I'm in the same boat. I lost my Master because of the war back home."

"You're forgiven, Major." Carson winced at how tight his voice sounded, even to his own ears. "But, next time. If you'd like to enquire about my personal life, just bloody well come to me. I am, after all, Carson Beckett." He let a smile slip as he walked over to John and clasped him on the shoulder. "I'm not mad at you, John. But, thank you. It's not the same, how I lost my slave and you lost your Master, but the emotions for both of us I believe is very real." He patted John's back and tucked a strain of hair behind his own ear, "and thank you for voting for me. But, to tell you the truth, I'd bloody like it if Mistress Elizabeth never placed me on the candidate list in the first place." Carson smiled when John chuckled and he slapped him on the arm lightly. "And next time, talk to me before you decide to approach Mistress Elizabeth about denying me the right to step down in command of SG-A-002, yeah?"

"Deal." John said with a smirk. His head tilted to the side and he narrowed his eyes in interest at Carson. "You look good with long hair." He grinned, his eyes travelling down Carson's body, which made him shift his weight from one foot to the other, like he was being gazed at by a predator, when in all social aspects he was supposed to be the predator. "Not to mention even better in your uniform."

Carson smirked at that and shook his head slowly. "I need to get to the Punishment Square." He walked past John, only pausing for a moment to turn around and looked the other man over slowly. "John?" When he turned around, his brows raised in question Carson just smiled and shook his head. "Never mind. I'll talk to you after the Punishment Square is over with." John nodded and smiled. Carson turned around and continued his path to the northern pier, calling himself an idiot for what he was about to say. It would've been strange after all, looking at John and telling him that Jonas would've liked him, talked highly of him. He ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. Carson was loosing it, he could already feel the springs start to give way in his mind.
Tags: fandom: stargate, fiction: slash, internet: fanfiction, rating: pg-thirteen, type: series, warning: bdsm

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